Integrate CallTrackingMetrics call forwarding with Marketo and Contact Form 7 via GTM to increase your sales

Integrate CallTrackingMetrics Call Forwarding Marketo Contact Form 7 GTM

Did you know that response time is one of the most important factor in making a sale online?

In fact, a study found that sales representatives have 21 times higher chances of closing a sale if they reply to a lead within 5 minutes of an inquiry as opposed to replying after 30 minutes. Another study found that brands who respond to leads within the first couple of hours are more than 60 times as likely to qualify them as potential customers than those who wait 24 hours or longer, so responding to leads fast is really important if you try to make a sale.

Luckily, if you are using CallTrackingMetrics (or plan to use it) you can leverage this factor and increase your chances of getting sales online by using their FormReactor solution – a click to call form which allows you to immediately trigger a specific action (like a phone call or text message) when a form is submitted.

And if your online form is based on Marketo or Contact Form 7 (CF7) you’re even more lucky as integrating FormReactor from CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) with Marketo forms or Contact Form 7 is really easy (if done via Google Tag Manager). Although this does not mean that if you are using a different provider for your online form or if it’s a custom made form, implementing it with CTM is not possible – it’s possible but it might not be that straightforward.

In a real life scenario, we may imagine this solution like this: A user (lead) views your page and likes the product/service he/she sees and decides to contact you via the form from the page. When he/she submits the form, the information is sent both to form provider and to CTM, and from there, based on the trigger configured, either a text message or a call is initiated to the sales representative, with the option to contact the new lead. And if the sales representative selects the option to contact the new lead immediately, the response time from lead’s perspective will be really short (ranging from few seconds to 1-2 minutes), thus, the likelihood that the sales representative will make a sale will increase substantially.

calltrackingmetrics integration with Marketo

So to make this integration work, we need 2 things: 1) Create the form in CallTrackingMetrics and 2) Send data from our site’s online form (Marketo form, Contact Form 7 or custom made form) to CallTrackingMetric.

1. Creating the FormReactor form in CallTrackingMetrics

To create a new form, navigate to Numbers -> FormReactors and on the newly loaded page, click on “New FormReactor” button.

formReactor menu CallTrackingMetrics

new formReactor button

In the “Basic Setup” section of the wizard, enter a name for your form, mark the name, phone number and email fields as required and give them an appropriate name. Also enable the “Ask for country code (recommended)” option and click on “Save Changes” at the end of the basic section.

Basic Setup CallTrackinMetrics formReactor

After this, scroll down to “Tracking Number” section and assign a tracking number (if you don’t have one you’ll have to create it) to your form.

Next, scroll down to Routing section and from “How to route contacts” select “Dial the agent first”. Next, from “Agent selection” choose the “Specific Agent” option (you need to have an agent added in your system) and select the agent to whom the calls should be forwarded. If you do not want to create an agent, you can select the “Receiving number” option and specify any number to which the phone call should be forwarded.

phone routing calltrackingmetrics

Optionally, if you do not want to get a phone call with the option to re-dial the lead, you can enable the text message notifications which will send you an SMS with lead details each time a form is submitted.

After we have configured the form in CallTrackingMetrics, we need to get the script which we will use to send data from our site’s form to CTM. For this, we need to scroll to “Using FormReactor” section and copy the code from “Manual Tracking Form”.

script call forwarding

2. a) Send data from Marketo to CTM

Now that our CallTrackingMetrics FormReactor form is configured and ready to receive data and initialize calls to sales representatives, we need to integrate it with the form we have on our site (Marketo form in this example).

For this, in Google Tag Manager, we create a custom HTML tag called “Marketo form submission listener” (which by the way, can also be used to send data to Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and we set it to fire on “Dom Ready” trigger on pages where we have a Marketo form.

The successful form submission listener looks like this:

var form_id = form.getId();
form.onSuccess(function(values, followUpUrl){
// In here we need to add the script from CallTrackingMetrics with values set from Marketo form

And the script we got from CTM needs to be added in the form.onSuccess function with the values set from Marketo form.

So in the end, we have a script that looks like this:

var form_id = form.getId();
// when the form is submitted succesfully, we send data to CallTrackingMetrics
__ctm.form.track('', // the capture host
country_code: "1", // the expected country code e.g. +1, +44, +55, +61, etc... the plus is excluded
name: values.FirstName,
phone: values.Phone,
email: values.Email

After firing this script as a custom HTML tag from GTM on pages where we have a Marketo form, every time the form will be submitted, the data will be sent to the CallTrackingMetrics FormReactor form, which in turn will initialize the call forwarding process to our agent. And the end result is a call being initialized by CallTrackingMetrics to an operator each time a lead submits the form, with the option to re-dial the lead and initialize the sales process. And all this is usually done in less than 1 minute, thus highly increasing the likelihood of making the sale.

2. b) Send data from Contact Form 7 to CTM

The process of sending data from Contact Form 7 to CTM is the same as for Marketo with the exception of the form submission listener. So in GTM, when creating a custom HTML tag, instead of the Marketo script, we need to enter the following script:

document.addEventListener( 'wpcf7mailsent', function( event ) {
country_code: "1",
name: event.detail.inputs[1].value,
phone: ""+parseInt(event.detail.inputs[2].value)+"",
email: event.detail.inputs[3].value
}, false );

And just like it was the case with the Marketo form submission listener, we fire this script on “Dom Ready” event from GTM on all pages where there is a Contact Form 7 form.

The CTM FormReactor form can also be integrated with custom made forms or with forms from other providers.

Hope this tutorial was helpful and will provide some value for your company in the form of increasing the number of closed sales and/or the satisfaction rate of your clients.

If you are having some difficulties integrating this solution or need some advice, don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below.

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  1. After some research we found out that the contact form is one of the biggest bottleneck from our lead generation funnel so hopefully after implementing this call forwarding solution we will see higher conversion rates.



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