Dashboard Documentation


Creating an account

To create an account, please go to https://dashboard.analyticshelp.io, click on the “Create Account” button, fill in the form with the required information and click “Register”. Please note that registering with a company name or email that is already registered on our website is not possible.

Signing in

To sign in, go to https://dashboard.analyticshelp.io and enter your username or email and password and click on “Login”. If the username/email and password was correct, you will be redirected to the “Projects” page.

Editing user profile

To edit your user profile, click on your name from the top-right corner and click on “User Profile”. A new pop-up will appear where you can edit your name, surname, email, password and picture.

Editing company profile

To edit the company profile, you need to click on the “Company profile” from the previous dropdown menu. In the pop-up that will appear you will be able to edit your company’s name, website, phone, address, city, state, zip code and vat number. All these details will be used in the invoices and estimates for your projects and tasks and will appear in the generated PDF files.


Requesting a cost estimation for a new project

If you have a new project that needs to be done, you need to request a cost estimation from us by going to “Projects” and clicking on “Request an estimate for new project”. Alternatively, you can go to “Estimates” and click on “Request an estimate”. The end result of these two actions will be the same.

A new pop-up will appear where you need to and fill in the due date and the description of the project.

After clicking on “Save”, we will receive the estimation and you will be able to see it in the “Estimates” menu, with the status set to “Under Review”.

After reviewing your request (usually within one business day), we will add the cost to it, and the status of the estimation will change from “Under Review” to “Action Required”.

After clicking on the estimation, you will see the sub-tasks we added and their cost. At this point you need to click on “Accept” button if you accept the estimation or on “Decline” if you decline it.

If you accept the estimation, in few hours we will send you an invoice which you will be able to see in “Invoices” from the left menu.

To pay the invoice, you need to open the invoice by clicking anywhere on the invoice’s row, then to click on “Pay Invoice” button from the bottom of the page.

After receiving the payment, we will create a project and will start working on it.


Viewing all projects

You can view the list of all projects by going to “Projects” from the left menu.

Clicking on a project will open the project properties where you can see the project details, tasks, media, invoices and activities.

Adding tasks to an existing project

To add a new task to an existing project, in the project properties, you need to go to “Tasks” and in there to click on “Add tasks”. After this a new pop up will open where you will be able to add the task name and description.

Adding project notes

Project notes lets you add various information about the project and its task which you think might be useful for the experts working on the project. To add notes to a project, in the project properties you need to go to “Notes”, write down your notes and click on “Save”. After this those notes will be visible to all experts working on the project.

Adding comments to a task from a project

To add a comment to a task, in the “Task” section of the project property, click on a task and in the newly appeared task properties, scroll down until you reach the comments field. All experts that worked on that task will see those comments.


Viewing, downloading and paying invoices

To view an invoice, you need to go to “Invoices” from the left menu and click on an invoice.

To download the invoice, click on the “Download Invoice” button from the invoice details while to pay it, click on the “Pay Invoice” button from the bottom of the invoice.


Viewing subscriptions and subscribing to a service

To view all active and inactive subscriptions, please go to “Subscriptions” option from the left menu.

To subscribe to a service, click on an inactive subscription and on the next page, click on “Subscribe” button from the top right corner.


Writing a message to the project manager

To write a message to a project manager, go to “Messages” from the left menu and click on “Write New Message”. A pop-up will appear where you will need to select the project manager to whom you are writing and insert your message.


Opening a ticket with an issue

To open a support ticket, you need to go to “Tickets” from the left menu and click on “New Ticket”. After this a pop-up will appear where you can write your message.