Complete Google Analytics Setup

This is the most popular request we get from our clients, that is why we have created special to-do list that covers all aspects of a fully working Google Analytics installation, and also takes into account the specifics of each individual online business.

In the images below, you can see the GA setup for an ecommerce website that also includes 5 extra tracking (last image) which were not included in our general to do list but were later added to it, after our experts carefully examined the website and aligned it with client’s business objectives.

Complete Google Analytics Setup
In this image you can see the audience report from the finished GA installation.
Google Analytics Search Console Report
Here you can see the search queries used by website’s visitors after they arrived to the site from Google organic.
GA Attribution Model Report
With the help of the attribution report, you can see how much impact each traffic source had on the final conversion. This report is really useful when your users do not buy on the first visit and use different traffic source to arrive to your website before converting.
GA Goal Overview
In this example you can see the goals we have set up to measure the conversions according to client’s business objectives