Dashboard set up in Google Analytics and in 3rd party apps

Dashboards allow you to view the most relevant KPI that your online business has, thus saving you time while in the same time allowing you to see the big picture of your website usage by your visitors. By only adding the relevant metrics, you will spot patterns and changes that truly matter to your online business much faster than if you would check each report individually. And since GA allows you to query and export your data via their API, you can use third party data visualization tools like Data Studio, Chart.js, tableau, etc., to further enhance the visual side of your reports and its data. This is also very useful when you want to communicate the information clearly and efficiently to some colleagues or partners from your organization.

In the first image you can see a dashboard created to track the main ecommerce KPI’s, while in the second image you can see a dashboard displaying the SEO performance. The third image shows the site performance metrics while the last image shows a dashboard which breaks down data based on device category.

GA Dashboard for ecommerce kpis
Dashboard tracking main ecommerce KPIs
Dashboard showing seo performances
Dashboard with the main SEO performance KPIs
Site performance dashboard
Site performance dashboard
Device category dashboard
Dashboard with most important metrics divided by device category