Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audit and debugging

A Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audit allows you to see if the existing implementations are working as expected and whether they contain any errors or not. For GTM, we inspect all tags, variables and firing rules to check if they fire correctly and send the required information from your site to the third party apps which you might have installed.

For Google Analytics, we conduct the audit using our own predefined GA checklist to be sure that we check every GA feature if it’s enabled or not and working as expected. There are over 40 checkpoints in our GA checklist which we test.

As a separate task, beside conducting GA and GTM audit, we can also debug and fix existing errors from your GA and GTM installation.

In the first image you can see the first part of our GA checklist which we use when we conduct the audit and in the second image you can see a screenshot of the browser plugin we use to check and debug in real time the data that is being sent from your website to GA.

Google Analytics Audit Checklist
In this image you can see a part of our checklist we use when auditing a GA installation.
Google Analytics Debugging Extension
Here you can see the debugging extension we use to test the GA implementation.