Tracking clicks on Social Profiles links, Phone Numbers, emails and external links

For some websites, clicks on external social profiles, phones or emails are considered minor conversions, hence they also need to be tracked. Using this type of tracking also allows you to track clicks on external links, affiliate links or any other website element and display it in a custom report.

In the first two images below, you can see the events and the custom report generated after the social links tracking has been set up while in the third image the phone number and email click event tracking is shown. The last two images show the event report with clicks on external links and the custom report with clicks on affiliate links.

GA Social Link Click Tracking Event
Social links tracking shown in the GA events report
Social link tracking custom report
Social link tracking shown in a custom report
Email and phone number click tracking
Email and phone number click tracking from GA events report
External link tracking
External link tracking from GA events report
Affiliate link tracking
Affiliate link tracking