Get your Google Analytics tracking audited for just $300

Is your Google Analytics installed and configured correctly? What about the ecommerce tracking? Or the user interactions tracking? Find out now with our expert Google Analytics audit.

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Good decisions are based on good data, and since the quality of your data is as good as your Google Analytics installation is, you need to be 100% sure that Google Analytics is installed correctly on your website and it is delivering accurate data.
This Google Analytics audit is conducted by one of our top expert and consists of 2 parts: On-site Google Analytics tracking audit and Google Analytics account audit.
On-site Google Analytics tracking audit includes:
  • Ensure all pages are tracked correctly by the appropriate tracking code and pixels;
  • Identify issues with tracking code, skewed or incomplete data, incorrect usage;
  • Validate e-commerce tracking;
  • Ensure all key website elements which users interact with, such as, call to action, add to cart or add to wishlist buttons, rich media snippets, newsletter subscribe forms, sign up and contact forms, etc are tracked;
  • Verify that cross-domain and sub-domain tracking along with the user navigation journey is tracked correctly;
  • Examine existing integrations with third-party tools;
  • Provide additional recommendations to enhance tracking beyond standard implementation and identify areas for future investigation or development;
Account audit includes:
  • Evaluate how Google Analytics properties and views are set up and configured;
  • Review settings and ensure best practices are implemented;
  • Ensure that internal site search and navigation flow are measured;
  • Validate predefined filters and identify additional filtering needs;
  • Validate campaigns tracking and provide best practice guidance for usage of various campaign parameters and reports;
  • Validate channel tracking (i.e. ensure all referring sources are attributed correctly) including Paid traffic, Social, Affiliates, Email, etc;
  • Verify goal and funnel tracking;
  • Provide a list of recommendation to enhance the tracking and reporting;
Note: Please add with "Read & Analyze" permissions to your Google Analytics property/account in order to conduct the "Account/Property audit". If no access will be given, only the "on site Google Analytics tracking audit" will be performed
If you don't know how to add a user to your Google Analytics account, please follow these instructions.
William Wright
This Google Analytics audit has really helped me expand my horizons in terms of tracking possibilities and helped me see the current level of my website’s tracking while revealing some hidden opportunities for my business at the same time.
Taylor Palmer
After getting my tracking pixels audited, I finally got the answer to my long lasting questions of why I was not seeing transactions and add to cart events in Facebook Ads reports and why the checkout funnel was not tracked in Google Analytics.
Eric Tsai
Before getting the Analytics tracking audit, I thought that my site was tracked correctly but after seeing the detailed results of this audit, I understood that a big part of my site was completely not tracked, so I am really glad I got my tracking pixels audited by AnalyticsHelp.